SOS Online Backup 5.11

SOS Online Backup (Shareware)

SOS Online Backup is an online and backup tool applicable for home and business use. This tool ensures that every file, regardless of type, will be retrievable at all times. It can backup and recover data from desk to hand-held devices, restore data back and forth these platforms, has military grade encryption system, and automatic backup capability so users will not forget about it.

As back and forth data encryption plus backup are enabled, offline use is allowed. Some of its other notable features include: archiving, integrated local backup, continuous data protection, unlimited versioning, and cloud-based capability for mobile devices, social media and desktop systems for easy integration.

SOS Online Backup's trademark UltraSafe Secure & Encrypted Backup does the file encryption in three stages, namely: local encryption, encryption in transit during upload, and encrypted at rest in the data center. The backup tool also employs on-the-fly encryption processes to ensure that every upload is fast. It has been tested capable of uploading 20 GB worth of files in just 23 hours and 39 minutes which is 10 to 30 hours faster than their closest competitors.

SOS Online Backup also has the ForeverSave feature that allows archiving of an unlimited number of data for as long as the tool is in use. The tool can also automatically detect any changes made to the backup data and do appropriate backup processes.