Sorenson Squeeze

Sorenson Media Inc. (Shareware)

Sorenson Squeeze is a video compression suite developed by Sorenson Media Inc. and released on 2001. This program provides compression support for various video file formats including Quicktime, Flash Video, Windows Media, WebM,  Silverlight, and WMV. It features various codec support including Sorenson Codecs like Spark, H.263, H.264, VC1, VP6, and MPEG2.

Sorenson Squeeze features some video and audio quality enhancement options. It features GPU accelerated H.264 encoding support. It also features HD encoding and adaptive bitrate encoding support. Adaptive bitrate encoding enables users to encode videos with optimal bitrate and error resilience.  This program also features Dolby AC3 Audio support. This program also features some encoding presets specially developed for specific file formats and video types. Sorenson Squeeze features a review and approval process. This process enables users to send password-protected and secure videos to other users for immediate review. Users may receive instant feedback through two ways—via mobile or Web reply.

Sorenson Squeeze features a grey and black user interface with a preview window on the upper right portion. Three buttons on the upper right portion enable users to Upload a file, browse Video files or select a particular folder. Users can also view a tree-structure of the local folder paths that users may access to get video files. Below the preview window, users may configure the settings of selected videos before the conversion process.