Sophos Anti-Virus

Sophos Plc (Shareware)

Sophos Anti-Virus – Business is an antivirus application developed by Sophos Plc. The program is particularly designed to protect small businesses from threats. It is used for detecting, monitoring, and removing spyware and viruses for different platforms (i.e. Windows & Mac OS). The program provides anti-adware and anti-spyware modules as well as an encryption technology that makes it possible for the program to remove threats for computers used in small businesses.

Since the program was made for small business, Sophos Antivirus – Business is capable of blocking threats without interrupting computer usage. The program’s single scanning engine minimizes how threats affect the computer. It is also capable of protecting multiple computers as well as virtualized systems within a single management console. This means that business owners can track, monitor, and prevent threats via a single computer only. The program also features Live Checks, which prevents new threats from attacking the system. These Live Checks are performed using the developer’s database.

Aside from removing threats, Sophos Anti-Virus Business is also capable of controlling which programs are installed in the computer. The owner can block any unwanted applications. The application also features Sophos AutoUpdate, which automatically updates the system for any new threats found by the database. Other functions offered by this antivirus include centralized cleanup, Behavioral Genotype protection, and different modes of scanning.