SophieSew Embroidery Application 2.0

Carlos Mandell (Freeware)

The program SophieSew is utilized in creating and modifying machine embroidery design. This application makes use of an object-oriented approach; projects are begun with basic shapes, then these elements are assembled into more complex, multilayered objects until the design is finished. Each object may be resized, duplicated, and repositioned according to the preferred design. The application makes it easy for users to turn a simple image into a digitized quilting design that can be done on the machine with no trouble. SophieSew is also equipped with higher object functions used in final design assembly. The program also has the following digitizing tools, among other features:

• Filled regions – this tool defines and fills up the body of an object
• Images – image files such as photos or drawings may be imported, so users can make an embroidery design based on an existing illustration or photograph.
• Decorative stitches – the program’s built-in shape editor allows users to turn simple outline objects into decorative ones with satin stitches.

The application offers video tutorials that cover the step-by-step process in digitizing embroidery designs, from the basics of creating and editing outlines, to grouping multiple outlines together, and to using the program’s property inspector in further defining the outlines made.