Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Creative Software Inc. (Proprietary)

Sony Vegas Pro is a video editing program. The program has a drag and drop functionality that allows users to easily import content to the application. All the editing tools are provided on the program’s interface and user’s can create their own keyboard shortcut commands. Users can open projects from different applications, such as Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, and Avid with the project interchange feature. The application supports SD, HD, 2D, 3D, and 4K video file formats.

The program’s user interface is fully customizable. Editors can create their own work environment by positioning the different tools and docking them on different areas within the window. The new vertical docking windows allow users to have access to more tools for a better editing experience. Aside from providing editing tools, the application also offers compositing and effects for creating professional looking videos. Some of the tools included are shape-masking tools, FX masking, and color match.

Sony Vegas Pro also consists of audio tools. It has a surround sound mixing console window for creating soundtracks and effects to audio files. Other audio tools included are audio effects, plug-ins, and VU meters. After editing videos, users can burn a DVD or Blu-Ray disc directly from the application.