Sony Ericsson Themes Creator

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB (Freeware)

Sony Ericsson Themes Creator is an application that allows users to create themes for Sony Ericsson mobile phones. The program can be used by both beginners and advanced computer users. For beginners, the program has a wizard that provides step-by-step instructions for creating themes. Advanced computer users can skip the wizard and create themes on their own. With the program, users will be able to create a background image, change the colors, and the highlights and tabs on the phone. In addition, users can also add sounds to the themes.

The wizard has a simple interface. The upper portion of the window has five tabs – Background, Colour Scheme, Style, Sounds, and Preview. For advanced view, there are more tabs – Backgrounds, Statusbar & Softkeys, Highlights, Titles & Tabs, Popups, Input, Text, Sounds, and many more. On each tab, users can change the backgrounds and colors for each selection.

After creating a theme, users can add their information under the Author tab (name, email, organization, website). The final look of the theme can be viewed under the Preview tab. Under Preview, users can see how the phone’s interface will look in different views (Standby Mode, Grid, Rotating, Navigation, Two Row Tile, etc).