Sony Ericsson PC Companion 2.10.155 (Prod 29)

Sony Ericsson (Freeware)

Sony Ericsson’s PC Companion helps manage a Sony Ericsson mobile phone on a computer. It acts a portal to manage files on a Sony Ericsson phone from the computer. Among its features are updates, service connections, user guides, and Sony Ericsson support. One of its features is that it can transfer files from the computer to the mobile phone. These files can be applications, music files, and even games. Other applications that can be downloaded will be available from Sony or from the phone’s operator.

PC Companion is also a calendar management program. The user can manage events and appointments from the computer and from the phone. It can synchronize the mobile phone’s contact list to the one that is on the computer. A unique feature is that it can create a backup of the device data on the computer. The user can then upload the data to Google. Once this is complete, the user does not need to connect the mobile phone to the computer to sync. It can be done through the cloud immediately. This can save the user lots of time when creating backups manually.

Other features of the software are the following:

• Use the mobile phone as an Internet modem for the computer
• Organize media content with Media Go
• Backup and restore feature
• Move content from the iPhone to the Sony Ericsson device