Madison Media Software, Inc. (Freeware)

Sony ACID XMC, also called Xtreme Music Creation, is a tool used in music composition. It contains components for remixing, recording vocals, burning music onto a CD, and exporting audio to MP3 format. With “Show Me How” links to several tutorials, the user can quickly learn his way through the many facets of the program.  

The user can record as well as loop an unlimited number of MIDI or audio tracks. There are more than 600 recorded pop, rock, and hip-hop loops to choose from. It is also possible to plug a microphone or a similar device into the computer for capturing live vocals or instrumental pieces to insert it to the mix. Audio material can be drawn from the CD. Sony ACID XMC’s interface appears as a window showing a linear track display at the top. At the bottom of the window is a tabular presentation of track properties. There is a pick, paint, and play function for audio tracks.

Multi-track recording can be done with the program’s 24-bit, 192 kHz sound recorder that is used for live band performance or MIDI-based creations in the studio. The software allows the real-time transposing of pitch on playback and preview. MIDI sequencing is another interesting feature that lets the user process and control MIDI events in real time. Expression, modulation, and other MIDI controller details can be modified and automated by means of track envelopes.