SonicStage V

Sony Corporation (Proprietary)

SonicStage V manages portable devices that are connected to the computer. It is a music player and also a library manager. It can manage the player’s music files on a computer. Its unique feature is a guard protection against copyright infringements. Being a write-only device, the user can only utilize the player. It enforces copyright through OpenMG. It ties the music file into the hardware of the computer where it is transferred. Importing to another computer is possible through a backup of MyLibrary.

SonicStage V “wraps” music files with the Sony software. This is required to play it on any Sony player. Files can be loaded directly. While it doesn’t convert OMG files into MP3, it can play OMG formatted files. The computer’s administrator is required to transfer a device from the software to a Sony player. The software has an interface similar to the Japanese SonicStage CP.

Other features of SonicStage V are the following:

• Windows 7 and Vista compatibility
• Sharing Non-DRM files to people
• Ability to import AACLC and HE-AAC
• Option to de-DRM an entire music library
• Copy files as many times as the user likes.
• WAV tracks linked to WAP source file
• Security features that will limit the software in case of hard disk upgrade.