SonicStage Mastering Studio

Sony Corporation (Shareware)

The SonicStage Mastering Studio program is audio recording software. The program can be used to digitize audio from old vinyl records and cassette tapes. The transferred audio can then be recorded on CDs. The program also comes with effectors, which can restore the sound quality of the audio. The Sony Oxford Multichannel 5 Band EQ and Filters allows users to minimize distortion and create natural and dynamic sounds. Another feature is the Sony Oxford Inflator module, which increases the loudness of the audio track without losing sound quality.

Audio tracks from old vinyl records can come with pops and hisses. This can be fixed with the restorer. The advanced restorer tool restores the original sound quality of the track. After fixing the audio tracks, users can burn the files on a CD with Super Bit Mapping technology. This is Sony’s digital sound processing technology that allows high-quality playback on CD players.

The SonicStage Mastering Studio application automatically gets information (track title, artist, album, etc.) for easier music management. The software also offers basic sound editing functions, such as noise reduction, fade in/fade out, and normalization.

Other features of the program are the following:
Waves S360 Surround Imager
Waves L1 Ultramaximizer
Simplified file management and playback
Professional quality effectors