Sonic PDF Creator 3.0.5 Inc. (Shareware)

Sonic PDF Creator is used for converting Word documents to PDF files. Converting files can be done from within the application’s main window or from the print menu. The quality and color of the images on the Word document is retained when the document is converted to PDF. This ensures that the resulting PDF document is an exact copy of the original file. Additionally, users have the option to tweak the compression options for images that are colored. Aside from converting Word documents, the program is also able to convert other Windows applications, such as RTF (Rich Text Format), text, Power Point, and HTML, to PDF documents.

Sonic PDF Creator also provides editing options. Users can add headers or footers, texts, images, and a watermark. Several PDF files can also be merged into a single PDF document. This can be useful for creating booklets, professional presentations, and handouts. Other properties that can be changed include the subject, keywords, title, and author of the document.

The program comes with instructions that users can use as a guide when using the application. Some of the topics covered include copying text, rotating pages, inserting or removing pages, extracting pages from a document, and attaching files to the PDF file.