Sonic Foundry Vegas Pro

Sonic Foundry, Inc. (Proprietary)

Sonic Foundry Vegas Pro is an application that provides users with the ability to edit audio files, especially those that have multiple tracks. As such, it is specifically developed for the use of music producers, sound engineers, music video editors, musicians, and other users who work mostly with multitrack sound files. This application also has tools for authoring streaming media, and enables users to edit tracks and synchronize these with video without compromising quality. Audio and video synchronization can be done frame by frame, allowing music video editors to take full control of their output.

Sonic Foundry Vegas Pro enables users to arrange their audio files according to bit depths, file formats, and even sampling rates. The built-in player provides users with real-time playback so they can hear the output as they edit their audio files. This program also enables users to add metadata to files, such as URLs and captions in order to synchronize web pages with the appropriate media files. By adding metadata, the files can be easily searched when they are uploaded online for viewing and distribution purposes.

This application has support for many different types of video and audio formats as well as input and output options for hardware, such as recording devices and instrument jacks, making the program ideal for studio recordings.