Sonic Colours

Sonic Team (Proprietary)

Sonic Colours is a platforming game that is part of the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games distributed by Sega for the Nintendo DS and Wii. In this game, the hero Sonic the Hedgehog faces off with the series’ main villain, Dr. Eggman. The evil scientist has kidnapped an alien race and is using them for his own purposes. It is up to Sonic to save the alien race. To help in defeating Dr. Eggman, players are given Wisps, colored power-ups that can be used to increase Sonic’s attack power and even go to areas that seem unreachable. For instance, a yellow Wisp energy lets Sonic make new paths through different stages. There are six Wisps for DS users and eight for Wii players.

Users playing the game using the Wii console can select the Sonic Simulator mode in which they control Sonic-modeled robots in various challenges. Players are given access to different levels when they collect Special Rings that are hidden in each level. Players can also collect Chaos Emeralds to enable Sonic to turn into Super Sonic once they have collected 50 special rings in any level. The game also features a Challenge Mode, in which all levels can be played continuously. Players can upload the total score they gained to online leaderboards. In the DS version, the game features Special Stages, time limit challenges, missions, multiplayer modes, and unlockable concept art.