Sonic and Knuckles 3

Sonic Team (Proprietary)

Sonic and Knuckles 3 is an action and adventure video game by Sega Genesis. In this game, Sonic is on a quest to track down the evil Dr. Robotnik and look for Chaos Emeralds. He encounters Knuckles, who Sonic thinks is trying to steal the emeralds. Knuckles finds out that he has been tricked by Robotnik and decides to team up with Sonic in chasing the villain.

In this game, users can choose from two characters, namely Sonic and Knuckles. Each character has its own strength and talent. Sonic can jump high and has the ability to use an elemental shield, while Knuckles can glide into the air, climb topmost walls, and attack barriers. Each level has a different set of obstacles and must be finished within a set time limit of 10 minutes.

This game provides players with three bonus games. These mini-games may be accessed when players are able to jump through the stars and hit checkpoints with twenty or more rings. In the first mini-game, players attempt to win rings in slot machines. In the second game, players are tasked to travel upwards aided by flippers and magnetic orbs while avoiding a force field and collecting rings along the way. In the third mini-game, players bounce off different springs in a gumball machine.