Songr (Freeware)

Songr is a music downloader program that was first released in 2009. The application’s main interface contains the search field for looking for songs online. The search option provides four types of searches. These are:

• Single Tracks – gives a list of tracks matching the search term
• Single Tracks (Automatic) – automatically downloads the best file for the search term
• Artist – displays data about searched artist, as well as a lit of the artist’s songs
• Full Albums – gives a list of albums matching the search term

Songr supports 16 mp3 search engines including BeeMp3, 4Shared, AudioDump, Hypster, Mp3000, and many more. Users can specify which of these sites to check when searching for an audio file. This can be changed on the Search Engines tab on the Songr settings window. Another feature of the program is searching songs by lyrics. The user types some words on the search field and a list of all the songs containing the words will be displayed. Apart from downloading free music, the program also provides the option to buy music from several sources including Amazon, eMusic, Zune, and Rhapsody.

Here are more features of the program:
• Download videos from YouTube in MPEG format
• Intelligent sorting
• Spell checker
• Log file
• Automatic updates