Songbird 2.2.0

POTI, Inc. (Freeware)

Songbird is a music player that was initially released in 2006. It is a music player that is also part web browser. The application acts as a music management tool, too. Upon installation, the user can add music files from their existing directory (iTunes or other media players). Songbird extensions can also be included in the installation. Users can select the ones that they need to add functionality to the program. Some of the extensions are iTunes Importer, UnPlug, Adblock Plus, Talib, etc.

With the application, users can subscribe to MP3 blogs and playlists by other Songbird users. Users can also create their own custom mixes. A sidebar on the left side of the window can be used for browsing websites with MP3s. Songs from iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic can be purchased within the program, too.

Here are other features of the Songbird music player:
• Support for keyboard shortcuts
• Automatic download of updates
• Edit and save metadata tags
• Media importing and exporting
• Gapless playback

Songbird supports a variety of audio file formats, such as FLAC, MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, and Apple Lossless. The program’s skin can be changed with the built-in “feathers”. The program’s graphic user interface can be displayed in a window or in mini-player mode.