SONAR X2 Producer

Cakewalk, Inc. (Proprietary)

SONAR X2 Producer is a digital audio workstation produced by Cakewalk and released on October 2012. SONAR X2 Producer enables users to record, mix, edit, master, and output audio files. It is an all-in-one solution for audio editors and recorders.

SONAR X2 Producer enables users to manipulate unlimited recorded multi-track digital audio. It also provides audio support for MIDI files. It also provides DirectX application support that enables users to add special effects like delay and reverb. It also features fully automatic audio mixing. SONAR X2 Producer also features virtual instruments including software samplers, software synthesizers, and software drum machines, among others. SONAR X2 Producer also includes a 64-bit Mastering suite.

SONAR X2 Producer features six functions—Perform, Record, Edit, Mix, Master, and Deliver. SONAR X2 Producer features the OVERLOUD TH2 Producer that enables users to play audio using this amp modeling technology. SONAR X2 Producer Record functionality allows users to execute confidence recording and input monitoring. It features a quick access synth rack as well as a subdivided metronome. The Edit functionality features a Smart Tool, which features contextual automatic settings depending on the SONAR Edit view. This program also features an Edit filter, which allows more complex multi-track editing. SONAR X2 Producer Mix functionality enables users to make dynamic mixes using the ProChannel. Deliver functionality enables the users to export the scored audio in a variety of formats including AIF, FLAC, SD2, and QuickTime.