SoMud 1.3.8

SoMud (Freeware)

SoMud is a P2P, cross-platform program that allows users to share and download their files and content on the Web. Searching, playing, and downloading web videos and other content from various websites like Yahoo and YouTube can be done using the program. Downloading web images and content which can be transferred to a computer’s gallery is done easily.  Any kind of file can be searched by a built-in search engine.

Program interface is comprehensive and contains various functions. Users do not need to have P2P or BitTorrent knowledge to use the program. Downloading files is simply done by a single mouse click. A preview function enables playback of media files as they are being downloaded. FTP and HTTP download speeds are made faster by a multiple splitting feature. Sounds and screen activity from one’s desktop can be recorded in videos that can be used in presenting or sharing files. Microphone and computer sounds can also be recorded into MP3 formats. Any type of video and audio format can be converted by plug-ins which are supported by the program. Audio and video from cameras can also be captured using the application. P2P files may be created for sharing online. Parental control can also be incorporated to filter designated keywords and block specified content.