Soluto 1.3.1323.0

Soluto (Shareware)

Soluto is a system utility application, which allows users to analyze three broad categories of system performance. It also proposes solutions to make the system work faster and more efficiently. It checks the user’s computer and then compares it with an online database listing the common performance issues as well as the remedies to them. The dashboard for this application has six sections including Frustrations, Apps, Background Apps, Internet, Protection, and Hardware. Under Frustration, it checks three main areas. These are Chop Boot, Lighten Web Browser, and Heal Crashes. Chop Boot checks for a way to reduce the time spent on StartUp processes. Lighten Web Browser focuses on web browsing and looks for way to speed it up. Lastly, Heal Crashes, looks for the causes of frequent crashes and seek to resolve them.

Aside from Frustration, there are five more sections on the Soluto dashboard, which includes the following:

• Apps: This feature displays a list of application with available updates and allows the user to start the update process.
• Background Apps: This feature shows the applications which starts when the computer boots up. It also shows what the application does and provide recommendations. Normally, users have a lot of applications starting when the computer boots up, leading to slow performance. This feature allows the users to see which applications can be made to start after boot up is completed.
• Internet: This feature allows the users to make selections on the default browser, homepage and search engine. It also provides recommendations on what toolbars and add-ons can be disabled if they have not been used for a long time.
• Protection: This feature starts the computer’s firewall, anti-virus software, and performs updates as well.
• Hardware: This feature allows the user to check the status of the computer hardware including available memory and battery.