Soluto Anti-Frustration Software

Soluto (Freeware)

Soluto Anti-Frustration Software is a program used to detect computer issues, determine their causes and detect possible solutions to improve computer experience. The program combines collective user knowledge with its low-level technology in order to this. The entire data collected by the program are stored in the Soluto’s PC Genome, the developer’s knowledgebase of PC problems and solutions. This PC Genome is automatically built by using the Soluto Anti-Frustration Software.

The program has three main features. It features the Chop Boot, which enables users to understand the boot system of the computer. This features also helps determined which programs are causing the boot process to slow down. By doing so, it helps users improve the computer’s boot process and improve its speed. The second feature is called the Lighten Web Browser that displays which plug-ins, add-ons or toolbars are “riding” on a certain web browser. It also shows what these things can do and their appearance. This helps users determine which plug-ins, add-ons or toolbars can be removed to make the browser more stable and faster. This feature even shows whether other Soluto users chose to disable or keep certain toolbars/add-ons/plug-ins.  The Lighten Web Browser also has the ability to revert users back to their search provided in case it was taken over by other programs. The final feature is called Heal Crashes. This feature modifies how the user experience software crashes. It is also capable of analyzing the program crashes against millions of collected crashes as well as finding possible solutions to these crashes.