iBASEt (Shareware)

Solumina is a program developed by iBASEt that manages various processes involved in the complex production of highly engineered products. This tool’s coverage includes every aspect of the life cycle of the product, including manufacture, overhaul, repair, and maintenance. It is an innovative program specifically designed for quality assurance processes of discrete and complex manufacturing processes.  This program is designed by a company that is dedicated to integrating business systems and engineering processes in the manufacturing floor.

Solumina supports the following functions so that industry requirements and standards are met. The manufacture and quality control procedures that are within its scope are:

• Process specifications
• Product specifications
• Component parts production
• Product assembly
• Aftermarket service continuing until product retirement

Solumina is a complete solution that fits the most stringent requirements of numerous sectors such as Industrial Equipment, Electronics, Defense and Aerospace. It is also widely implemented in the quality management procedures of medical equipment and nuclear products.

The program is usually implemented hand in hand with various other systems such as procurement, scheduling, financial, inventory and product engineering. Solumina is designed to ensure product compliance in complex systems. It is also an effective means of ensuring that suppliers and the other members of the network are collaborating efficiently and effectively.