SoloBug 1

Seapine Software, Inc. (Freeware)

SoloBug is a tool that assists users in reporting bugs for Seapine Software’s TestTrack Pro application. Users of TestTrack Pro can also utilize this tool to provide feedback and send feature requests regarding the program. As a standalone application, this can also be customized and sent to beta testers, program development team members, and even to end-users or customers.

This tool has support for different operating systems, so customers on different platforms can access it and report errors in TestTrack Pro. It also allows customers to attach files such as screen shots with their bug reports. Program developers may customize this tool to include specific brands or product names, and adjust the bug reporting terminology to make it less technical and easier to understand by customers.

The feedback and bug reporting process used by SoloBug eliminates the need for companies to manually input reports and requests in a separate database. When reports are received, this tool imports the reports into TestTrack Pro and automatically adds it to the program’s database. Users can also restrict input choices in bug reporting, resulting in consistent responses that can easily be recorded and quantified. Reporting forms may also be filled out even when customers are offline; when done, it can be saved and sent once Internet connectivity is established.