Solitaire Twist Collection

SelectSoft (Proprietary)

Solitaire Twist Collection is, as its name suggests, a solitaire game with a twist. This classic card game has elements of Mahjongg mixed in, providing players with challenging puzzles to solve. This means that aside from arranging cards Solitaire-style, players will also have to match cards in order to reveal other cards beneath so they can clear the layout and complete a level. Players can then move on to the next layout.

This game comes with more than 500 card layouts to finish, all designed in unique shapes such as a fish and a pyramid. Players who are having difficulty finding matching pairs can use the power-ups provided, such as Turnover and Re-shuffle.

Players are timed according to how long they take for each hand. They can see their scores in a separate tab so they can keep track of their progress in the game. Players can re-play any game and try to beat their own record.

The game can be customized by changing the card back designs, selecting a background for the game area, and even changing the appearance of the card faces. There are five various card back and card front designs available. Players can also set the game’s resolution to fit their monitor screen size from the Option menu.