Solitaire Piknic

NorthStar Solutions, LLC (Shareware)

Solitaire Piknic is a card game that is a blend of poker and solitaire. In this game, players are shown a deck of cards, spread out on the game area facing up. Players must then identify poker hands within the dealt cards. When a poker hand has been selected or marked to play, these are removed from the deck and the player is awarded points for the hand. The remaining cards will then move down to take the place of the cards that have been removed.

Each deal in Solitaire Piknic is unique and there are various ways to finish a round of the game. When players have exhausted all of the play possibilities, the game round will end automatically and the score will be calculated. Players must strategize in order to successfully complete a round. As players advance in skill level, they will be challenged to build better poker hands and think several moves ahead. The game awards bonus points to players who are able to create as many poker hands as possible from the cards that have been dealt. Bonuses are also given for finding poker hands with the most points and for removing the most number of cards. A timer bonus is also given to players who are able to finish a game before the time expires.