SolidWorks Viewer

SolidWorks Corporation (Freeware)

SolidWorks Viewer is the general application name used to refer to a utility that enables users to view assemblies, parts, and drawings done in the design program SolidWorks. A number of software companies have their own version of this utility, but the most notable of which is the one that SolidWorks themselves developed, called eDrawings Viewer. This application is able to render and print image files and 3D projects saved in the AutoCAD DWG and DXF format. It also lets users view native SolidWorks assemblies, parts, and drawings done in the SLDASM, SLDPRT, and SLDDRW format.

The eDrawings viewer is developed not only for designers who want to see a realistic preview of their work, but also for people who do not use SolidWorks or any other CAD application. These are usually clients who do not publish CAD files themselves. This application allows clients to review design projects by email or by online viewing without having to install SolidWorks programs or any other CAD utility. With this application, users will be able to view both standard 2D drawings and 3D animations.

The viewer application contains built-in tools that interpret CAD design elements. These are:

• Virtual Folding
• Hyperlinking
• Point-and-click Animation
• 3D Pointer

SolidWorks Viewer also lets users share designs online via email or on a website.