Solidus eCare

Aastra Technologies Limited (Proprietary)

Solidus eCare is a group of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) applications and contact center applications. For instance, a multination contact center organization will have agents across the globe responsible for handling different aspects of a business or different types of customer concerns
Other key features of this Solidus eCare suite include the following:

• Agents can receive concerns regarding various incoming media types such as email, calls, video, and others. Incoming media types can be set to come as screen pop-ups, which will display the information in real-time.
• The suite comes with an Integrated Voice Response (IVR). It is a graphical tool used to retrieve information. For instance, if the first agent who answers the call needs to escalate the issue to another agent, the other agent can just look at the IVR to verify some information instead of getting back to the customer to ask the same information, which was already discussed initially.
• It also comes with intuitive management tools including a Configuration Manager, an Information Manager, and a Report Manager. The Configure Manager is used to customize how concerns will be handled. The Information Manager displays real-time information and the Report Manager shows historical data and reports so the business can perform analysis of common issues and make interventions as needed.