Solid Edge

Siemens PLM Software Inc. (Shareware)

Solid Edge is a software used in product design with core design capabilities that enable users to develop better products more quickly.  It is used in a variety of Product Lifecycle Technologies.  With its assembly modeling, solid modeling and drafting functionalities, it is used and is especially beneficial to drafters, designer s and mechanical engineers.

The application maximizes the use of synchronous technology where users can make and edit designs faster by allowing for reuse of imported models. The application also has a multi-body design feature that enables designs to be completed without worrying about individual parts. It allows users to import assemblies or parts from any CAD system.

The application is equipped with more than 1,300 additional customer motivated enhancements. Solid Edge’s Rapid Blue technology enables a user to create elaborate and compounded shapes in an easy and intuitive way. With the use of a draft file, 3D models can be projected as one or more 2D views as part of an assembly file. Drawing enhancements also allow for alignment of position’s dimensions, and designate parts lists from sheet to sheet. Modeling processes can either be ordered, direct, or synchronous.  In addition, Solid Edge’s Mobile free 3D viewer application for the iPad, allows for greater design collaboration between numerous parties.