SolarWinds Permissions Analyzer

SolarWinds (Proprietary)

SolarWinds Permissions Analyzer is a program developed by SolarWinds. This utility is offered to the public as a free application that contributes to the more efficient handling of computer systems in the workplace. SolarWinds Permissions Analyzer is a program that system administrators will find useful in their line of work. The user only has to work with a desktop dashboard that serves as central control unit.

With this program, access is allowed to specific folders and files. This program also accounts for network share and may also act as a network share permission monitor if the user prefers.

SolarWinds Permissions Analyzer gives users complete visibility and access to permissions. The user can choose to use SolarWinds Permissions Analyzer in analyzing permissions based on membership to a group. The parameters can also be combined with specific permissions. Results presented by SolarWinds Permissions Analyzer are in hierarchical format.

SolarWinds Permissions Analyzer comes in handy when there is a need to troubleshoot an active directory such as when there is a need to troubleshoot problems related to access to resources. Unraveling permission issues in a large organization can prevent confusion and lack of permission issues promote work efficiency. Solar Winds Permissions Analyzer improves the efficacy and speed by which problems related to permissions are solved.