Sokoban++ 1.6.3

Joris Wit (Freeware)

Sokoban++ is a strategy game in which users are tasked to move spheres into designated storage areas, marked in green. Players control a mover using the mouse or the keyboard’s arrow keys. Players must move the mover through a maze-like grid of bricks in order to push the spheres into the designated areas using the least number of moves.

The game enables users to undo or redo a move; players can also restart the level. Players can also make use of the level editor modify levels or create new game levels and share these with other players. Likewise, users can download new levels created by others. The game also comes with different skins that users can select from; skins may also be downloaded. When all of the spheres in a level have been moved to their designated areas, the player can choose the next level to be solved. There are 50 levels to solve in the game.

Players can save the solutions they have made to puzzles and they can also make use of different Sokoban-solving applications to solve levels. The game interface is simple; there are multiple menus across the top that provides users with access to the Game, View, LevelSet, Position, Playback, and Help options. The bottom of the game window shows the current level, the number of moves and pushes made, the name or title of the level, and the level’s author.