Software Director

Cloanto Corporation (Freeware)

Software Director is a content management program that allows users to check for updates for drivers, applications, and computer peripherals. The program was first used in 2001 and has been used with thousands of different programs and systems. With the application, users can keep track of all the software updates and other software-related information without giving out vital information. The program can also be used by software and hardware developers, as well as vendors and manufacturers. Other uses for the application are the following:

• Check for BIOS, software, and driver updates
• Include DLL components in installation packages
• Configure programs to perform automatic updates
• Offer and sell upgrades for an application
• Provide one-click downloads for customers through the website

The program’s interface is simple and easy to use. There are menus at the top portion of the main window (File, View, Tools, and Help). The lower part of the window provides a list of the available updates for the programs including the name, publisher, the version, and the size. Users can see more information about the items by selecting it from the list. Information can be seen on the right side of the window.

Software Director is also compatible with other Cloanto programs including the MenuBox, Currency Server, WinFellow, Amiga Forever, Amiga Explorer, and many others.