Motorola Inc. (Freeware)

SoftStylusTM is a finger writing recognition application used with touch pads or touch screens of mobile devices. The program consists of state-of-the-art technology that is able to recognize connective strokes, disordered strokes, and cursive writing. It also has a built in Syllable Assistant that aids in character input. In addition, the Writer Adaptation technology studies how a user writes to be able to recognize writing strokes quicker.

SoftStylusTM supports a wide range of languages including traditional and simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Turkish, and a lot more. It has a built-in Word Prediction feature that is able to determine words that are going to be written even before it has been completely spelled out. This is done by combining a static dictionary and dynamic user dictionary. Another feature is Text-to-Speech, which recites the text for confirmation.

Other main features of the software are:
• Word and character input support
• Accurate and high character/word recognition rate
• Independent stroke order
• Cross-platform solution
• Advanced transparent window
• Support for user-defined hotkeys

The program is a software-based solution and an external touch-pad and stylus pen is not needed. It also has a built-in virtual keyboard made for touch screen platforms.