SoftSkies V-Bar

SoundSpectrum, Inc. (Shareware)

SoftSkies V-Bar is a screensaver, desktop enhancer, and music visualizer program in one. This tool was designed to produce animated, realistic, and colorful cloudscapes that can enhance the mood. V-Bar is capable of turning various sceneries into lively-colored animated backgrounds. The utility can be used in different Windows operating systems.

SoftSkies V-Bar’s dynamic screensavers can be characterized as dynamic, professionally designed, and fine-grained. The output of this utility is intended to facilitate relaxation and better appreciation for music. When used as a screensaver in gatherings, the visualizations can be used to enhance the dominant ambience of social settings.

SoftSkies V-Bar is a program that is easy to use and run. Once installed in the computer system, the utility can easily be launched. Here are some of the available functions to users:
• Full screen mode
• Screen shots
• Switching audio sources
• Display of hotkey list
• Realistic motion

The user of SoftSkies V-Bar can customize various aspects of the visual output including color palettes. The user of the program may also create new cloudscapes. Designer options are available and album cover art which are configurable are provided as well. This program has a very intuitive and easy to use interface, which is ideal for both novice and advanced computer users.