SoftSkies Standalone

Strong Games (Shareware)

SoftSkies Standalone is a digital tool that visualizes many different types of sounds. This program works with a wide variety of sound sources such as microphone input, CD audio, and line-in audio, among others. Users who want to visualize streaming radio broadcasts or live performance will find this program fit for their requirements. In daily life, this program is used in various social gatherings such as parties and events that showcase performances involving sounds.

This program is designed to select a sound source through a menu that is easy to use. With SoftSkies Standalone, the reactivity of the visual representations can also be adjusted. Two of the parameters that the user can modify are signal and visual gain. Its functions may sound complicated but it is designed to guide the user though every step of the way.

SoftSkies Standalone may also be used to visualize audio outputs that are directly emitted from a stereo amplifier or CD player. This utility works with audio files types such as WAV and MP3. Essentially, this tool can visualize anything that the human ear can hear. The SoftSkies Standalone version for Mac OS systems allows for visualization for microphone and line-in but not from sound cards that are built-in.