SoftPerfect Network Scanner 5.4.10

SoftPerfect Research (Freeware)

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a NetBIOS and Multi-threaded IP scanner developed by SoftPerfect Research and released on December 2012. This program is geared towards home users and system administrators. It allows users to keep a close eye on their network’s security settings.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner alerts all computers connected to the network. It then monitors for connected TCP ports. It also enables users to view all resources available in the network also counting system files and hidden files. This program also allows mounting of shared resources as individual network drives. These network drives may be accessed through the Windows Explorer. This program can also fix host names and may be used to detect the local IP as well as external IP addresses.

The program also enables users to retrieve users that are logged on or connected to the network. Users may also configure user accounts and their corresponding uptimes. SoftPerfect Network Scanner also enables users to launch third party programs on connected systems. This program also features Wake-on-LAN support and remote shutdown functionality. Users can also search for user-defined ports through the SoftPerfect Network Scanner. The program can also make a report as to whether the search yielded results. Results may be exported to TXT, CSV, XML, and HTML. This program also makes it possible for users to retrieve remote registry information.