Softoria Capture 1.0

Softoria - (Freeware)

Softoria Capture is no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point, desktop screen capture utility for Windows. It has assignable hotkeys that allow users to take a screenshot of the entire desktop. There are also options available for capturing only selected active windows or portions of the desktop. Its user-interface is very simple. A dialog box containing the user options of where to save the captured screens, what file format to save the images in and what custom hotkeys the user wishes to use with the program. This makes it easy for novices to get familiar with the program’s controls and features.

Softoria Capture also allows for selective capture of only certain parts of active windows. Additionally, users can highlight certain portions of the captured area for more emphasis. This makes the program indispensable when creating guides or outlines on how to use software. Another application of this would be to augment keynote presentations which incorporate screenshots of computer software as a major portion of the presentation. The software also allows for previewing of captured screens before saving them. The program, however is not only limited to capturing images, but text as well. It allows users to copy or capture text where the system copy function is unavailable. The program is now discontinued and no longer receives support from the developers.