Soda Pipes 1.02

Athletic Design (Shareware)

Soda Pipes is a computer game that is classified as a plumbing game. It can be enjoyed by anyone with Internet access since it is available as a free download. The game play of Soda Pipes recalls Tetris and the flow and mechanics will seem very familiar to veteran computer gamers. Soda Pipes is a fun game but it is also one that requires a lot of thinking and planning. This video game is also classified as a puzzle game that requires analysis and a lot of thought in order to succeed.

Soda Pipes players can construct mazes of pipelines that twist around every which way. There are so many possibilities afforded by this game. They also have the option to construct one-directional pipelines. There are three game modes available, such as arcade, puzzle, and adventure. The graphics used and the music chosen are very basic but serve the game quite well. But the newest version of this game features 3D graphics and new, upbeat music.

Soda Pipes challenges the player to build pipelines so that they can guide the soda as it flows. The flow can encounter junctions where the fluid splits up. New features also include different pipeline types. Soda Pipes now features sub flows.