SocuSoft Any FLV Player 5.8

Socusoft (Shareware)

SocuSoft Any FLV Player is a web video player configured to play FLV files. It is developed  by Socusoft and released on July 2011. This program does away with third party flash authoring tools or development tools. It enables users to play FLV files on their websites or pages. It also allows users to play FLV video files on their computers. This program also enables users to create videos with an integrated embedded video player. This allows website visitors to play the video creation without need of a third party video player.

SocuSoft Any FLV Player features web video authoring support. It features an automatic upload to Myspace function that enables users to upload their video content with just one click of a mouse. This program also features a “Publish for Web” function. This enables the user to output the video in a file size that is more manageable for web upload. This program also features a more advanced publication option for more advanced users. This is accessible through the Publish menu, under “Publish for Web with Customizable Theme.” This option enables the user to change video parameters including play mode, color settings, and video size. This program also features an “FLV meta information injection” function. This function enables users to configure the FLV metadata and add the same to the uploaded FLV video file.