Ufasoft (Proprietary)

SocksChain is an application that enables users to hide their IP address while using the Internet. Developed by the company Ufasoft, it is very useful to people who do not wish to have their IP address traced as they browse any site on the web. As its name indicates, this program makes use of a chain of HTTP proxies or SOCKS to conceal the user’s IP address. As soon as the program is installed, it instantly detects all browsers installed in the user’s PC and allows the user to launch each one of them from the main window. As long as the program is actively running, every single connection goes through multiple proxy computers that make it difficult for any remote user from getting the real IP address.

SocksChain takes out the task of manually creating a connection from the user. Instead, it shows a list of computers that are used for concealing the user’s real IP address. Therefore, the user’s PC is connected only to the first computer, which is then connected to the next, and the series goes on. Apart from programs that support SOCKS protocol, this program can also work with HTTP, TELNET, and IRC among others. This application can be set to run in the background and to route processes that need Internet access.