SocialFolders 3.0.0

Social Folders (Freeware)

SocialFolders is a storage application that enables users to share files between their computers and social media accounts. It syncs the files stored in a dedicated folder to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It also syncs media files such as photos and videos to media-based social sites such as Instagram and Flickr. With this application, users will be able to have a copy of all the files on each computer that has been linked to it.

After program installation, users can create their own SocialFolders account. Users are then prompted to select up to three of their most frequently-used social networking and media sites, after which they can transfer up to 2,000 files. Users can also choose to invite their contacts to use the program by sending a customizable automated to their emails. The application allows users to add another social media link when an invited friend also avails of the service provided and installs the application. The paid premium version of the application enables users to add as many social media sites as preferred.

The application is simple and easy to use; users can drag and drop files to the SocialFolders folder and the program will automatically sync the contents to the selected social media sites when the computer connects to the Internet. Aside from the social networking and media sites already mentioned, SocialFolders is also compatible with the following sites:

• Evernote
• Google Docs
• Smug
• Photobucket
• Picasa