Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3

Aliasworlds Entertainment (Shareware)

Snowy: Treasure Hunter 3 is a platform adventure game that was first released in 2007. It is one of the games in the Snowy series of games. In this installment, players control Snowy through an adventure in a castle. Snowy the Bear must find treasures that are hidden throughout different locations in the castle. Players will encounter different obstacles and enemies along the way, such as monsters, executioners, and ghosts among others. The game is divided into three parts, with each part having a different enemy. The goal in each level is to collect all the treasures and reach the exit while being careful to dodge enemy attacks. When the exit is reached safely, the player moves on to the next level.

Along the way, Snowy can pick up supplies that are helpful in moving on to other levels in the game. Some of these items include drills, pumpkins that explode, and cages for trapping enemies. Players only have limited lives. When these lives are all used, the player has to repeat the level. More features of the program are listed below:

• Comes with an interesting storyline that is told through comics
• Features 85 levels with varying levels of difficulty
• Different objects and enemies to encounter