Snowy: The Bear's Adventures

Aliasworlds Entertainment (Shareware)

Snowy: The Bear's Adventures is a casual game featuring Snowy in his quest to return to the Arctic Ocean. Developed by Aliasworlds and published by Alaraw, Snowy faces enemies on his way to the Arctic Ocean. The player's task is to defeat these enemies by throwing snowballs at them. When snowballs are thrown, there is a chance that it encloses the enemy. Kicking it awards the player with additional points. When most of the enemies have been defeated, a boss battle ensues. The boss fight is more difficult than ordinary enemies. To defeat them, bigger snowballs have to be thrown at them numerous times. Winning the boss fights moves the player to the next level.

There are different kinds of enemies in the game. The enemies range from ordinary ones like walking mushrooms. However, there are other enemies that can attack with trajectory weapons. There are also bomb-like enemies that explodes after a short period. When Snowy is hit, a life is lost. When all of Snowy's lives are lost, the game is over. Fortunately, the player has the option to acquire a number of lives for Snowy, thus enabling the character to have as much as 70 lives even at level 4.