Snowy The Bears Adventure

Aliasworlds Entertainment (Shareware)

Snowy: The Bear’s Adventures is an arcade-style game developed by Aliasworlds Entertainment and distributed by Alawar Entertainment. The plot revolves around Snowy, who is a polar bear who lost his way out of its home in the Arctic and is now faced with all kinds of danger. He stumbles into a strange world that is inhabited by terrible creatures. The goal of the game, therefore, is for Snowy to find his way home by hurdling all the obstacles and getting through all the levels. To eliminate his opponents, Snowy has to hurl snowballs at them until they are completely covered in snow. Once they turn into massive snowballs, Snowy kicks them into the abyss.

Snowy: The Bear’s Adventures allows players to choose between easy and normal difficulty levels. Each level features a distinctive backdrop and theme and the action happens on platforms. The player has to careful about kicking a snowball as Snowy can also get caught up in it. The player can also watch out for power-ups, which can either fall from the sky or acquired by defeating opponents. These power-ups can increase Snowy’s throw distance or the size of the snowballs. One power-up can provide Snowy with a helicopter, which he can use. Once a level is completed, the player is given little time to gather remaining loot before proceeding to the next one.