Snowy - Lunch Rush

Alawar (Shareware)

Snowy: Lunch Rush is a restaurant and food-themed game centered on the challenges of running a restaurant. Similar to other games in the genre, customers take seats and order food, and then the player delivers the order, takes payments, and cleans up. Players should earn more money in order to “level up” the restaurant. Eatery upgrades include hosting VIPs, having drive-thru windows, and playing music for waiting customers.

Snowy: Lunch Rush campaign mode comes with a 60-day adventure where the challenges becomes more intensified in every new level. In this game mode, players have to work for 60 days. As the game progresses, the eatery will be upgraded with nicer floors, new tables, and even a new cat. Once campaign mode is completed, players can unlock the Endless Modes. Here, there are wider tables, more efficient stoves, and better sound systems that players can buy to keep up with the game’s increasing challenges.

In endless mode, the goal is to keep the game and prevent losing four customers. Players may choose to purchase upgrades for the restaurant, but the upgrades are somewhat different compared to the upgrades present in campaign mode.

Snowy: Lunch Rush key features:
• 60 levels for Campaign Mode
• Fun comics for every level
• Various upgrades in Endless Mode
• Point-and-Click game
• Snowy singing to keep customers happy