Snes9X SNES Emulator 1.53

Gary Henderson (Open Source)

Snes9X SNES Emulator is a program that allows users to play SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) games on the computer. The application was written using the C++ programming language. Games played with the emulator are launched in a window on the desktop. There are menus on top of the screen that allows players to change the application’s behavior. Some of the menus include emulation, input, sound, video, and cheat. The program also allows users to play games using a game controller instead of the mouse and keyboard. Some supported input devices include the SNES Joypad, Super Scope, SNES Mouse, and many others. Users who prefer to use the keyboard have complete control over the keys used for actions in the game. Keys can be changed according to the user’s preferences under the Input Configuration window.

Other features of the Snes9X SNES Emulator program are the following:

• support for recording in AVI video format while playing games
• users can set video and sound options before playing the game
• does not clog up system resources
• support for netplay, allowing users to connect and play on a server
• compatible with a variety of SNES games, which can be downloaded from the Internet