Snappy Fax 3.19

John Taylor & Associates (Shareware)

Snappy Fax is a fax program developed by John Taylor & Associates. This is a utility that is categorized as a document management system. What it does is to transform a fax modem and scanner into a fax machine with all the traditional functions. This utility is also equipped with features to satisfy the needs of an advanced user.

Snappy Fax is a tool that gives users the means to receive and send fax images. It is easy to use, requiring users to accomplish a few steps. The first step is to configure the COM port of the modem for the connection to be established. After this initial requirement, users of the application can can move onward to scheduling tasks and organizing faxes. With this utility, the Internet can also be used as a means of receiving and sending fax messages.

Snappy Fax by John Taylor & Associates has an interface that promotes convenience. In addition to sending and receiving fax messages, the application is also capable of archiving faxes. This makes easy retrieval of a message at a later time. Users may also write annotations on the document for re-sending. With the application, users can prepare a cover page using an integrated cover page designer and use it to write a custom message as well.