Snapfish for your photos

Hewlett-Packard (Freeware)

Snapfish is a web application developed by Hewlett-Packard. It was first launched in 1999 before it was acquired by HP. A web application is an online program that is accessible over a network through either intranet or Internet. In this case, Snapfish is accessed through the Internet and it is used mainly for photo printing and photo sharing purposes.

Snapfish requires users to register before being able to access its features. Most of the available features are free like downloading images. However, some features require payment from users. With this web application, it is possible to upload images to the website. Users have their own accounts allowing them to manage the uploaded images. Aside from this function, it is also possible to send the uploaded images to their emails. There are also several editing tools for fixing minor image issues such as color or red eye correction. The program also features text and effects. These features can be added to the uploaded images. The program offers multiple banners, frames, and text overlays.

Snapfish features different sharing functions as well. Users can print their uploaded or edited images or share them to other Snapfish users. The web application is also compatible with HP printers. This allows users to print images without accessing them via computers.