SnapDraw Free 3.20

Microinvention Ltd. (Bundled)

SnapDraw Free is a screen capture tool for Windows. The program also lets users modify the screenshots. With this program, users can create properly-annotated high-fidelity screenshots within a few minutes. The program has built-in tools for generating complex annotation graphics like text, shapes, lines, and even watermarks. Users may also insert additional images, callouts, magnifier lens, and other effects. The background color can be customized. Furthermore, this application allows users to make quality screenshots that not only have annotations, but alpha transparency, 3D rotation, and reflection effects as well.

Annotated screen shots are used to point out several aspects of the screen, and may be used in providing viewers with a detailed visual representation of a topic or an issue, such as:

• Showing a technical problem with a program or hardware device – Users can take a screenshot of the occurrence and show this to tech support for proper diagnosis
• Making a module about how to use a computer – The annotation can point out what the parts of the desktop and windows are
• Creating tutorials for using a particular program – Developers can make a step-by-step how-to lesson for novice users
• Documentation – Web screenshots may be edited to highlight the URL of the website from which the screenshot was taken. Additional information such the date and time when the site was accessed may also be added.