SnapCrab for Windows

Fenrir Inc. (Freeware)

Snap Crab for Windows is a graphic tool that is used to capture screenshots. The program can take pictures of the current desktop display. Pictures can be taken at any instant, which can be saved as GIF, JPEG, and PNG format. The application provides a direct link to Sleipnir browser. Sleipnir is a web browser developed by Fenrir Inc., which features customized web browsing and tab functions. With this feature, users can also take photos of web pages or web content. SnapCrab for Windows allows user to capture a selected area or picture of the whole screen. There are several capture settings that can be adjusted, which modifies the allowable area for screen shot. The Preview Window function magnifies the captured area, which can be used for precise photo editing. The application has an Aero Glass function, which captures the current window display and excludes the background of the desktop. This feature enables users to take photos even without cleaning or deleting desktop contents.  

The application has an image sharing service, which enables users to post or share captured photos in Twitter, Flckr and Facebook. A timer can be set up to capture pictures at preferred time with the use of a keyboard or mouse.