SnadBoy's Revelation

SnadBoy Software (Freeware)

SnadBoy’s Revelation is a password revealing utility developed by SnadBoy Software. The program allows users to view the real password behind the asterisks. The asterisks in those passwords are used for protection, preventing other users from seeing the typed password. However, some users prefer not to have the asterisks while they type their passwords. This program is used for removing the asterisks. The program is capable of revealing passwords for various Internet browsers. It also provides support for Outlook Express and Internet Explorer.

SnadBoy’s Revelation offers a straightforward interface with all the functions available straight from the interface. To use the program, users are required to left click then drag the “circled +”. As the user drags the “circled +”, the program displays the text underneath the asterisks in the “text of window” box. The interface also provides the status of the program. It displays a green button when the program is active. The program also offers several options, which can be configured straight from the main window. These options include putting the program in the system tray when minimized, keeping the program on top, hiding the how-to instructions, and others. The program also offers a “Copy to Clipboard” function, which is used for copying the detected text underneath the asterisks into a clipboard.