SMTube 1.6

Ricardo Villalba (Bundled)

SMTube is a media player developed by Ricardo Villalba. It comes bundled with the SMPlayer application. It is particularly used for playing and downloading video files from Youtube. The program can be used to search for Youtube video files then download them from the website. Users can then play them using the SMPlayer.

SMTube offers three main functions:
• Browsing for Youtube Files – The program comes with the Youtube Browser, which is used for browsing videos from Youtube. Users can use this tool to search for the most viewed, most rated, and most popular videos. This tool also offers a search field used in searching for a particular video.
• Video Download – After browsing a file, a user has the option to download it. To do this, the user only has to choose the Record Video option via the right-click menu. Downloading multiple videos at once is possible. Once the download is complete, users have the option to play them or open the folder where the video is stored.
• Video Quality Options – Users also have the option to choose the quality of the video which is downloaded. Selecting the format is possible as well (either mp4 or flv). These settings can be adjusted via the Settings window. The program also allows downloading of HD video files. Available quality options include 360p, 720p, and 1080p for MP4 formats and 226p, 360p, and 480p for flv formats.